Payment Facilitators

Why is TrustPay the right partner for your payment facilitator? TrustPay knows to help you running you payment facilitator (payfac) business. Whether you are a new payment facilitator looking to enter the market, or an experienced player looking for a nimble partner, we are your solution.

Why is TrustPay the right partner for your payment facilitator?


TrustPay has been supporting payment facilitators since 2014 and has developed a deep understading of the business model and its challenges.

Independent onboarding

With payment facilitator, you gain full control over your merchants. TrustPay supports independent onboarding for its payment facilitators allowing you to significantly reduce processing times.

Multicurency processing and settlement

With TrustPay, you can accept card payments in over 170 different currencies and in turn receive your settlement in 13 different currencies. Give your business a competitive edge!

Authorisation ratio optimiser

Improve your approval ratio with TrustPay‘s holistic, AI powered analytical report! Detailed monthly analysis of approval ratios for your top countries and BINs with specific tips to improve them. Also available on a per-merchant level!

Automated reconciliation

Eliminate your manual reconciliation with TrustPay’s superior reporting tools and save time of both your staff and staff of your merchants. Whatever the delivery channel – advanced (API, SFTP) or less technical (e-mail), TrustPay has you covered.

Advanced risk management

Our compliance and risk staff will assist you in monitoring and management of your merchant portfolio.

What do our customer say?

“TrustPay has been supporting HiPay’s Payment Facilitator and PSP business since 2013. We are happy to have a partner with such a level of expertise and professionalism.”

“We are working with TrustPay to leverage their expertise in card acquiring. It is instrumental for GoPay to have a strong, stable partner to support our portoflio of over 7000 merchants”

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