POS Acquiring

Whether you are an existing payment service provider in the POS space looking to change your acquirer or simply expanding into new territories, TrustPay has a solution for both you and your merchants.

What are the advantages of working with us?

Payment Facilitator support for POS

With Payment Facilitator, you will have the ability to offer a one-stop shop solution for your merchants. No more 3-party agreements, you have full control over your merchant onboarding.

Support of various commercial models

Interchange +? Blended buy-rate? Revenue share? TrustPay supports various commercial models, based on your needs.

Automated reconciliation

Eliminate your manual reconciliation with TrustPay’s superior reporting tools and save time of both your staff and staff of your merchants. Whatever the delivery channel- advanced (API, SFTP) or less technical (e-mail), TrustPay has you covered.

Payment application and terminal agnostic

Choose the payment terminal and application that most suits your needs, TrustPay will certify it for you.

Cross-border scalability

We can support your POS operations across Europe, with multicurrency processing and settlement.

What our partners say about us?

“Throughout our relationship, TrustPay have been a professional and responsive partner. They are instrumental to our continued success on the Cypriot market.”

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